Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shadows From The Lamp*Light

Time for an admission... I'd heard of Lamp*Light before, even have some of their creations stashed away in my warehouse closet, but it wasn't until I played with the Alice Outfit in my recent Horror Haute post that I actually took note of the details and the quality.
After I had posted that, the owner and designer of Lamp*Light came to thank me, and by having posted what I did, I found myself a new friend! *waves to AliceAnn* She and I were chatting about blogging and various other things, when she started mentioning some of her latest products, which she later sent me. I am such a sucker for presents, I love receiving them as much as I love giving, but the gift of the brand new, and at the time not yet released, eyeshadows from Lamp*Light was just something that warranted being posted!
These shadows are fantastic... They are called Boom, and are available in 8 different colours or as a fatpack, and each set comes with tintable lashes - both on tattoo layers and as prims (not shown). The bigger heads are also a little different from each other, if you look closely at the eyebrows you may notice subtle differences. The Expression Eyebrows Set, includes 4 different eyebrow styles - normal, angry, worried and quirky. I wanted to use these in a kinda Mood Ring feeling picture - I used to love mood rings when I was younger. For anyone that needs a reminder, they used to change colour depending on your "mood" - I actually used to think they were psychic, but I'm sure it's just changes in body temperature or something. I also wanted to make the picture seem a little fun, normally I might have done them with some close ups but as the colours were so bright and funky I felt I needed another slightly different approach! 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Yassine Hair Style - Hoop Black Hair, with hairbase
Skin: Ploom - Maia Honey in Smoke
Brows: Lamp*Light - Expressions Brows Set
Eyeshadows: Lamp*Light - Boom
Eyelashes: [LeLutka] - 2011 Lashes Curl
Piercings: Pekka - Milla, AND, HoD - Celtic Swirl Dimples in Slide

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