Friday, July 6, 2012

Fairy Post The Best Way To Send Love!

I've been playing with photography again, am I getting better or just more meh on a different level? I can't quite work that out for myself, still I am enjoying learning and trying new things... I really enjoy this website that Morgana found too for adding layers and things! SO PRETTY some of the things you can do! I'm still playing with that too! 
Today though I wanted to create a picture that would have a special meaning, kinda... 
I felt brave, I went into the Fairy Heart in our garden, because I had a jar of hearts and wanted to send some love to a few people in the fastest way possible. Fairy Mail is much better than regular post, it's almost instantaneous and you always find the messages left under your pillow - how did you think the tooth fairy did her job so fast!
I did however want to send some love, so I took out my jar of hearts made my my fabulous friend Lynnieloo - better make sure I send her one of these hearts. Oh and I wanna send them to Fledge and to Horatio, as they are some of my favourite people in SL and in RL too... Hell doesn't get one though, he is currently in the dog house for filling our build platform and being a greedy prim whore lol! There have been people who've come back into my life more too, Kregan - a long long long time friend is back, and I met up with Nick too who I'd lost contact with due to some soap opera style melodrama, they can have a heart each, oh and maybe another for Fledge for hosting the party that brought me back into contact with these guys. 
A heart for Niki too, who hasn't been around for a bit due to RL ouchies and travels. 
The main hearts that I want to send today through the fairy mail are for both Laila and Shiny. These girlies have been "having some work done" in RL and so I'm sending them love and wishes that you both recover fast and come back soon! 
Who says sending love has to be restricted to Valentines, I want to send some love now and again... To everyone I love, have some love LOL - Now I am done being nice for the day it's time to go wake up Mr. In-the-dog-house... MWHAHAHAHAHA!

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  1. I love you Rudh! xoxo, thank you for your tender heart filled wishes. I feel them. =)