Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Little Advert!

OK OK I know I am being a little naughty here, posting a sale advert on my blog but technically it does fit into the diary style blog I try to maintain as it is about our store!
HellBone is participating in the Seraphim Turns 1 Birthday Hunt. It was a tough decision for him to make after the way I quit, but the advertising is a big thing for him and any time that he can get his name out there, it's great! 
We've decided that to tie in with the hunt, ALL BIKES will be reduced to half price, meaning that each bike will only cost 500L. I know that 500L does sound like a fair chunk of change, but all our vehicles are high prim and the amount of work that goes into making each one, then scripting the working parts, seems kinda insane! I am often left feeling amazed by the levels of detail that Hell includes in each vehicle he produces, and because it's his company (and technically mine too lol) I felt that he deserved a mention in my "journal" LOL! 
If you haven't seen his stuff and wanna check it out, head over the our mainstore - Hogs and Cart Wheels - or ask me LOL, would be a good chance to meet in SL if we haven't lol!

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