Friday, July 27, 2012

Horror Haute In Wonderland

In this round of Horror Haute, I am sure we will see this outfit coming up a LOT, but I do love me a good Alice in Wonderland style look and so I thought what the heck I wanna put a Rudhish twist on the outfit too hehe... 
I love Alice in Wonderland - and Through the Looking Glass too. The stories themselves are just sheer brilliance, and at school we did spend time looking at the books in great depth. I think it was one of the ways of getting us to study local authors in our English class, and since then I have even been to see the grave of Lewis Carroll - he was buried in the Guildford Cemetery, which was something I passed everyday on my way to work! I love the brilliance of his characters, the slight insanity placed upon each one, even those who are meant to appear normal - Alice for example - find themselves questioning their sanity, and to be honest I know I find myself doing the same thing sometimes. It seems to be something that people think of to themselves but rarely voice, or if they do voice it it's done in a jokey way with family and friends. 
So when I saw that Lamp*Light had made a really cute Alice Costume for this month's round of Horror Haute I danced with glee - THAT was one that I would have to show off! 
The outfit comes with EVERYTHING you could possibly need to make yourself look like the Alice from the recent video game that was released... What's it called again, ummmmmmm.... Dammit Hell played it A LOT... Oh have a picture lol... 
I only wore the dress and the socks however, because for some reason I'm never really satisfied wearing an outfit straight out of the box I always feel this crazy urge to Rudhify (YES it is a word! LOL) a look, and that is exactly what I did here. 
The location is great fun I had ages wandering around here, Bubbles in Wonderland, is a space that has been set up on multiple levels with mazes and magic doors, I had so much fun running around there dressed like bad Alice hehe!

What is she wearing; 
Toy: Ragdoll's Cut - Rotten Little Bunny
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Anais Mesh Hair in Lemon Tea
Skin: Belle Morte - Tuesday Skin in doll disastre
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Valentine Eyes
Wounds: Death Row Designs - Gore Beaten in medium bruises
Lipstick: Insufferable Dastard - Valentine Lips in Deep Blush
Necklaces: [Rasetsukoku] - White Rabbit's Confinement, AND, Concrete Flowers - TinMan's Heart  (Still having a closing sale - everything is 25L)
Outfit (including tights and knife): Lamp*Light - Mad Alice (HORROR HAUTE JULY)
Boots: Leverocci - Nappa Leather FO Boots in Classic
Pose: STaTUS - Coffee and Cigarettes Pose 9

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  1. The video game the still is from is American McGee's: Alice. Also a sequel called Alice: Madness Returns.