Sunday, July 22, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 30

My goodness, the half way mark came and went quicker than you could blink an eye, and we are heading into our downward spiral of the second round coming to a close. Only 22 more weeks left! Makes you realise just how soon it will be Christmas huh? LOL! 
Anyway, when it came to the Colour Challenge this week I was quite literally stumped. I had NO IDEA and to make it worse when I looked back over past colours there seemed to be a fair few in this week's very colour range. I groaned and braced myself to find something in my wardrobe... There was nothing, at least nothing close to the colour swatch provided by Luna, and gradually a sense of desperation began drawing in. I would NOT be beaten, and then like a shiny treasure chest, I spotted my Crazy Ass Hair Folder - it had worked once, maybe, just maybe it could work for me again? 
I LOVE my Crazy Ass Hair Folder... It's a real treasure trove I swear, and this time - as with last time - it didn't fail me. My entire look this week was due to my hair! Then the skin fell into place, and the outfit, even though I cheated as I wore this outfit last challenge round too, yet I didn't wear the full outfit this time - does that make it OK?
Week 30 - Aqua Island
Week 30: A Water Sprite dancing in the ocean current!
What is she wearing;
Hair: [CIRCA] - Sparta with Deep Sea Army Add-On (No longer available - but may be released in different colours at The Stringer Mausoleum soon?!), Worn with, TRUTH - Hairbase in Carrot 
Skin: Eye Candi - Body Heat Skins in Candi 
Lipstick: Acid & Mala - Unusual Lipstick in M, Gloss, Green 70% 
Ears: DAMNED - Izriel Ears (part of set, tinted!) 
Necklaces: Weather! Or Not? - Octochoker in seagreen, AND, [ glow ] Studio - Shells Necklace 
Outfit: Evie's Closet - Lumina Nymph Outfit in green (Complete Outfit Not Shown, Parts have been missed!) 
Feet: SLink - Jolie Pied  

I know that I have been a mermaid in this round of the challenge, but technically I am not a mermaid for this look LOL - I'm a water sprite! Riding the current in the warm tropical water, it would seem! Boy did capturing this photo give me head rush though, I was suspended upside down LOL - made me feel disorientated just by looking at me LOL! 
OH and during post processing - because YES I put in a background, gave myself a few more fish around the head area and added that rainbow sparkly effect, I had what I have been referring to as a happy accident. I love this second picture SO MUCH, that I have decided to include it, even though I couldn't use it as it was just TOO washed out of the blue colour (not that I don't love the first one too btw!) 
 Next Week - Wales


  1. for once, you do not make us laugh, but gasp in wonder at the beauty of your sea swirl !

  2. i totally can feel with you, adding a picture that you love so much. I often do the same.. just add because i love the picture so much. Did it for this ColorChallenge too at the end of my post.. your picture Rudh is GORGEOUS ( both are)

  3. Stunning pictures Rudh I love both of them, gorgeous non-mermaid :)

  4. Aw Rudhie the Crazy Ass Hair worked again! Love both the pics :)
    I occasionally add a version that has nothing to do with life the universe and everything too :P

  5. That is stunningly beautiful, absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Woo-hoo! What a free spirit (or sprite). A fantasy shot so well done like that really draws me in. Lovely :)

  7. So strange that we managed to pull off similar avatars this time, you a sea sprite, me a rain spirit - and I truly wasn't copying you, though your post might have reminded me about my YIPs water drops. I seem to remember the outfit was blue but it changed to gold in both those pics! You know how much I love the gold one although the blue one is cool too. This is a really gorgeous outfit, well done :)

  8. I know I already gushed about this pic on Flickr. But I just have to re-gush. LOL. I do love this last photo, it will forever go down as one of my all time favs and probably my fav of you. xoxo

  9. Love it Rudh...I wish I had a crazy ass hair folder...because as of right now....i am stumped as well. We will see...maybe I will be bowled over by some inspiration LOL!!!