Sunday, July 15, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 29

Such an awesome week I've had this week, and today is my last day of freedom before I begin with my new RL job. I cannot wait, I know that OK it will cut down on my SL time, but I'm only gonna be in the office three days a week - I can't wait to meet new people and to get out of the house more. Living in Holland I've been at home mostly for the last two years as I have been seeking some kind of work... there is only so much of being home that I can take lol! I love Hell, I love Izzy but GAH I WANT TO GET OUTTTTTTT LOL! 
My picture this week kinda reflects the feeling of that in some ways. I never actually saw the series on TV when I was younger but I have since seen repeats, I have often been left thinking 'HUH?' but then I get like that about a lot of things LOL. I always used to get distracted when I was in SL and would often say "huh?" - I think it irritated Fledge a little bit sometimes too... Sorry about that sissypoo!!
The Twilight Zone was something that sprung to mind as I was digging through my wardrobe thinking "ARGHHHHH NOT MORE PINK!", I had NO ideas of  where I would go with this look, until I thought about opening my Crazy Ass Hair Folder LOL. The hair matched the colour perfectly, and from then on I had the repetitive theme sound from the Twilight Zone going round and round in my head... All it took was me to hash together an outfit that was both cute and fit the slightly kookie idea I was going with, and voila... 
Week 29 - Persian Rose
Week 29: You just crossed over into the twilight zone!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Omega Point - Lost Time Hair 
Necklaces: LaGyo - Luxury Mark Necklace, AND, [Fairy Tail] - Bow Long Necklace (Can't find the store!)
Outfit: Gothica - Wild Goth Set in pink, AND, Sn@tch - Zebra Skirt in white 
Gloves & Leggings: Cool Beans - Part of Neon Streak Set (Store Closed)
Ring: Maxi Gossamer - Gigi Shimmer Bow 
Shoes: [Blossom] - Passion Pink-Mono-Chained 
Pose: The Muse Poses - Yael 04 

This is really a mish-mash outfit. I made the look by combining two different outfits so sorry if the outfit list is a bit confusing. Basically the waistcoat top and the black and pink flexi-skirt part come from the Gothica outfit, the high-waist, Zebra print skirt with the longer white skirt that I have used as an underskirt are from Sn@tch. I love combining outfits to make them look a little different, and OK without the bow of my necklace having sat in the extact right place there was a bit of a clash in the zebra prints, but I really love the way that this outfit turned out. I always seem to find myself thinking how much I love the pink looks, when I really don't like pink!! Crazy LOL... Anyway, enough rambling today, wish me luck... 
Next Week -Aqua Island


  1. Good luck on your job hun Fly away free yourself Love the metofoor you used

  2. So cute, I love love love your hair/bird cage hat thingie. Congrats and good luck on the job!

  3. Aw I want to peek in your Crazy Ass Hair folder! Very cool! And break a leg with new job!

  4. wow Rudh i didn't know you are living in Holland too. Super! May be we are living in the same town. Hope your job will be very very fine. But with such a creative thinker it must be super to work with you. Wish you all the best. And the post is lovely.

  5. Are you kidding me about apologizing for the confusion of the attire you have on? Honey, the colors are perfectly balanced, and the head dress gives this look a flair only you could put together. Besides, I think I saw this on the runway during fashion week last year..LOL
    Good luck with your new job, cant wait to hear all about it!

  6. You are a vision in pink, such creative styling Rudh. Good luck on your new job :)

  7. Wow Rudh, I agree with you...I am not a fan of the pinky colors but somehow they turn out really well. I am loving this mish-mash outfit...that headdress is wonderful and fits right in...Love it!!!

  8. Haha great, you're a poster child for the Twilight Zone! I will play the theme tune on my Tesla guitar in my post *g* You did an amazing job with the outfit, good to read how you put it together so we know it's your own efforts and not just something off the rack.

    I think we got you cured of the 'huh' thing in the end, at least I don't recall you doing it in ages except when something really was 'huh' worthy ^.~

    I know what you mean about the pink, it's my least favourite colour group of them all, yet you look fantabulous as always and I am really pleased with all the looks I have put together for the SIX!!! pinks we've been given so far... seriously doubting the randomness of the colour choices on this thing lol *grumblegrumble*

  9. Very funky and twilight-zoneish! And I'm with you - no more pinks! Well done Rudh!