Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Voodoo Angel Brings A Little Horror Haute

YAY It is my favourite time of the month again... HORROR HAUTE JULY IS HERE!!!
I get overly excited around Horror Haute time, because I know that there will be lots of awesome sauce for the horror and gore lovers out there. Though OK in the last couple of months it has filled me with a slight dread.
I find myself wondering why, I have had plenty of practice covering events in my time as a blogger, though after leaving Seraphim, Miss Electra - Horror Haute's Organiser - was the only one that seemed to be convinced I would be able to cover an event on my own personal blog. I worry because I never think my photo skills are good enough, I find myself looking at the photos of a myriad of bloggers on flickr and think 'damn I wish I could make pictures like that' hehe... Still Electra has faith in me and I don't wanna let her down. Don't wanna let down the Horror Haute designers either lol, but it's better I don't think about that or every month I will be found rocking in a corner babbling like a crazy fool!
ANYWAY - HORROR HAUTE JULY IS HERE!! I have the first of a few photos to show you fun looks that I've been dancing around in - the Horror Haute always gets my creative juices flowing.
The Voodoo Angel came to the garden today, she sat sticking pins in her dolly for a good hour or so and then left, I was left wondering who the pins were affecting, but Hell did wake up with a headache today hehe. Luckily as she wandered around the garden I caught her in just the right light and CLICK, I had a photo for Horror Haute! The wings by Inspired Designs were the reason that this photo came into being, I just love a pair of pretty wings and these are very pretty! I love the leggings from Hysteria too, the photo doesn't really do them justice, they have lace on one leg and come in two different designs, but these are a MUST HAVE in my book!

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Exile - By the Shore in Moonlight, Worn with TRUTH Hairbase in Crow (free on the marketplace)
Skin: Izzie's - Bonita Sadness Skin
Make-Up/Tattoos: Pin Me Down - Camo Tattoo in Faded & Torn, AND, Hysteria - Venom in Complete
Pasties: A&A Fashion - Part of Demonia Outfit 
Wings: Inspired Designs - Captive Flight Wings with Bloody Piecing Back Tattoo (HORROR HAUTE JULY)
Leggings: Hysteria - The Darkness in version 2
Feet: SLink - Jolie Pied
Pose Prop: aDORKable Poses - Sweet Revenge, Come Voodoo with Me Pose Prop

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