Saturday, June 30, 2012

The It Girlz and Fellaz Grease Show!

For those of you that may not know, HellBone makes vehicles... Cars, Bikes, Random Novelty Racers that wouldn't look out of place on Jackass, that kind of thing. I will admit to you now, before you get too involved in reading this, that this post will possibly definitely be a shameless plug for our store, but then I guess I should help promote it once in a while! 
I do have something interesting to show you though so do bear with me LOL! 
One of the different lines of vehicles that Hell created for our (I say our because I am the one doing all the background stuff - marketplace listings, blogging and the like!) store, Hogs and Cart Wheels, is the famous vehicles. We've created some rather popular "celebrity" vehicles, including the Back to the Future Delorean, the Supernatural Metallicar, the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 and the Knight Rider's KITT, yet the one that I am excited about today is our tribute to the movie Grease, and our Lightning. 
We released the Lightning a while ago now, and the thing has been a bit slow to get out there into the SL world. Seems like although a lot of people love Grease, not so many of them want to own their own Grease Lightning hehe! The car is as close as we could get it to the real thing hehe, we spent HOURS watching the movie and making notes, HellBone likes to be that precise with his builds, especially when it comes to the movie cars because they are so well known.
ANYWAY, we were contacted a few weeks ago now asking for help with a situation involving this car, someone wanted to use it for a special production and so HellBone pulled out all the stops to help them with a car that would suit their needs... The group of people in question was a SL dance troop called The It Girlz & Fellaz, and they were putting together a Grease show. I'd never heard of them, but from looking at videos of the group on YouTube they seemed to be very professional and actually rather entertaining!
Things went quiet after we had helped out with getting the Lightning sorted so that it was useable for the guys to have a bit more ability to be able to dance all over the car, but then this morning I was sent a link, and OH MY GOSH I love what they did hehe... I had to show everyone!!! It's awesome to see one of our vehicles being used like this!
For anyone interested, the It Girlz & Fellaz will be putting on a live Grease show today at 6PM SLT - Hell and I can't go unfortunately as it is roughly 3am for us - but if you fancy seeing something a little bit different, you should go check them out at Rock Lobster - but remember 6PM SLT!!! Good Luck to all the dancers and as they say in showbiz "Break a Leg" (though I never understood why they say that lol a dancer breaking a leg wouldn't be good for the show! LOL)

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  1. For some reason the video didn't seem to want to embed properly in the post! I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FIX IT *head desks repeatedly* If you click the video to watch it however, it will play for you as normal! Enjoy!