Friday, March 10, 2017

Black, White and Sin City Style

I've been what my sister called a "Moaning Myrtle" for too long - I think that's a Harry Potter reference by the way, I'm not sure but maybe someone can tell me - and I need to find some inner strength to dust myself off and move forwards... 
So I'm moving on, I'm going to start doing happy things again and I'm going to love every minute of it... Starting with today's blog post and pretty picture... I have to admit I got a little creative! 
I wanted to do something blank and white, I have a project coming for a friend in SL and she wanted black and white shots so I needed a little practice, this was the result of my practice, and I have to admit that I am pretty pleased with what I came up with! 
Shot at Hazardous, I was wearing this awesome Riot Dress from Razor - available at the current round of Suicide Dollz - with the super fluffy CURELESS Cheshire's Shawl in black - this by the way is a Gacha item available at this month's Arcade just so you know! 
The picture in black and white looked great but I wanted to do something extra that would make it pop... Then I thought about the bright red lips on the Hobi Chokers from random.Matter - available at The Chapter Four for March - and my bright red lipstick to match... With my Red hair it all just seemed like a great idea to "Sin City" up the picture, and well, as you can tell I am very happy with the result! A little glamour but also a little pop! 
Maybe Rudh is finally getting her groove back? 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Delaney in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Lipstick: Swallow -  Logo Lucy Lipstick Applier 
Fur: CURELESS - Red Queen's Realm Gacha Item in Cheshire's Shawl Black (Available until March 31st at The Arcade)
Necklace: random.Matter - Hobi Chokers in Silver (Available until March 24th at The Chapter Four
Dress: Razor - Riot Dress in Plain Black (Available until March 15th at Suicide Dollz
Pose: Image Essentials - Body Line 4 

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