Saturday, March 25, 2017

Psst, Wanna buy a Bear?!

Now that I lost my main source of income in RL I am thinking about opening a new business for myself... Maybe something interesting that would be fun to do, although right now I'm not quite sure where that will lead me, I am thinking about it in SL too... I need to find a way to fund my virtual shopping habits... I have been thinking about trying to make a business out of my love of photography - but I don't want that to diminish the enjoyment that I do get out of it - so maybe I'll work on other things... Something a little naughty perhaps?! 
Pft silly bums, you thought I would be going into the age old art of selling myself! I had thought of that idea, but to be honest I'm not sure anyone would buy me, so then I cottoned on to a different idea... COUNTERFEIT BEARS! 
I was so lucky, thanks to a little thing called The Arcade, that I found a NOMAD business in a box for those willing to deal in counterfeit teddybears. 
I set up a little stand, and found the perfect disguise in the form of an AsteroidBox Bucket Costume so that no one will know it's me... Maybe I should have thought more carefully before I chose where to set out my stall, I mean right outside my house wasn't really my smartest move, but I was thinking kinda weirdly illogically and was like "well a girl needs to have easy access to a toilet and drinks right?!"

What is she wearing;
Hat: AsteroidBox - My Bucket Costume 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Top: blossom - Fringe Shirt in Cool Kids (No Longer Available!)
Pants: *MUKA* - Shirley in Black Stripe 
Table: NOMAD - Counterfeit Bears Shop (Available until March 31st at The Arcade)
Pose: Signature Pose - 1989 

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