Sunday, November 25, 2018

Time to go away for a while...

I am SO tired, SO very tired... I think I'm about to hit rock bottom if I don't get some chance to sleep - I think a week should be enough time lol - HellBone and I are really needing time to stop with RL and do something totally different, we've been working too hard for too long!  Both of us on 50 hour weeks... It's draining! It's making us crazy... 
It's not very often I get HellBone to sit still for long, but when I told him he'd get a nice cosy straight jacket, he was more than willing! It was the perfect opportunity for us to let you know that we're going away for a week... Running to hide in RL at a place called "Mummy and Daddy's House"- I'm going to see my family in the UK and I cannot be more excited! Although I couldn't leave without sending one last picture into the world!! It had to be this one!! 
I wont be having anymore time to share more of the AMAZING stuff from the Eclipse Event, but's true, it's allowed me to enjoy the fact that "October Never Dies!" this month. There is a lot more that I haven't been able to share like the DRD Swamp House or the CerberusXing Flesh Outfit, but this last picture really showcases just how Hell and I are feeling!!! 
We took our crazed photo at the Ex Machina "Welcome Home Asylum" Photo Scene... This place is great there's the room you see here, a padded cell and the dark creepy corridor that connects the two!! I was in love when I saw the possibilities! 
While we were setting up, preparing to be locked away, we were joined by some cute - or not so cute - furry friends... I wondered is Hell could see them, these Skull Head Foxes - by Maru Kado - but if he did, he didn't say anything, and they seemed harmless in a devious way... So I let them stay!
I'll be gone a week... Don't miss me too much! You may still see me liking things on Flickr and chatting on Facebook, I snuck a cellphone into the cell, but otherwise, it's time to get some much needed rest!!!

What are they wearing;
Hair: Magika - Fever in Hud 02 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Eyes & Make-Up: Conviction - Maniac Eyes & Makeup (Available until November 30th at Eclipse
Mask: ANTINATURAL[+] - Hospital for Souls Gacha Item in Implanted Muzzle RARE 
Choker: Suicidal Unborn - Leviathan Cross Set in Choker (Available until November 30th at Eclipse
Bodysuit: ANTINATURAL[+] - Hospital for Souls Gacha Item in Straitjacket Bodice RARE 
Hair: No.Match - No,Offence in Blacks 
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Judas 
Outfit: [Medieval Fantasy] - Psychopath Straitjacket 
Rudh Pose: -Extra- - Succubus 1 
Hell Pose: FOXCITY - Bento Ground Sits VOL1, Pose 4 
Backdrop: Ex Machina - Welcome Home Asylum Photo Scene (Available until November 30th at Eclipse  
Dogs: {Maru Kado} - Skull Head Foxes (Available until November 30th at Eclipse

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