Monday, November 5, 2018

Fries Before Guys

Fries Before Guys. Such a wonderful Phrase, that really should be used more often. Guys have a bro code, and I've heard that term Bros Before Hoes a few times in my years in SL, yet it seems that when a girl gets a guy their fries are often left to go cold. Friendships that have been around for years can be left to fizzle out when a new guy comes into the picture, and each time it feels kinda heartbreaking for the one that's left behind. I'm guessing it can be the same with guys too though, it's not just a girl thing.
Still sometimes when you choose a guy before your fries it can be a little like a game of chicken, which will wander off first, the guy or the fry LOL... 
My sister Racey recently sent me a load of her new releases - for her awesome store Pretty Sexy Things - including a selection of awesome slogan sweaters which are perfect for the Autumn months! A while ago now, although it's still something that's weighing heavily on my mind, I was expected to make a choice between fries and a guy - nothing romantic just a male "friend" that was being childish - Racey and her MC, my extended family, were the fries in this situation... I'm definitely glad I kept the fries!!! Not just because of the sweaters either, before anyone gets that idea LOL! 
Something simple to remember here... Most of the time if you choose a guy before your fries, the fries will be found hanging around somewhere... They may be cold, but they can be warmed up - usually! Just don't leave them too long, abandoned fries can start to rot and those are things you can never bring back to their original state! 

What is she wearing;
Hat & Hair: #Foxy - Fries Hair 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Top: Pretty Sexy Things - Fries Before Guys 
Pose & Knife Prop: FOXCITY - Cute But Psycho Bento Pose Set 
Backdrop: [ Focus Poses ] - Diner Backdrop 
Food D├ęcor: Half-Deer - Fast Food Clutter 

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