Sunday, June 3, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 23

Last Sunday was the first time that I have been around to see some of you awesome colour bloggerettes chatting away in the group, so I was like YAY I CAN CHAT TOO for a change. Normally, I miss the random conversations, but this time I had a very interesting conversation with Tigist, Inkie and Yvette - something along the lines of snot pancakes and Izzie's tush hehe... Well ladies I promised a snot picture so, here; 
But for my colour challenge picture I went in another weird direction. There are two things that I always try to avoid, Aliens and Clowns - I am terrified of Aliens, weird phobia I know but I have my reasons, and a dislike of Clowns, I'm not scared of them per se but I will avoid them if possible because they do freak the crap outta me sometimes! ANYWAY, what do I find myself thinking the moment I put on an outfit in the right colour... CLOWN! *facepalms* Yet until I put the skin with the face paint on I was able to not be too freaked out at my Barbie Doll dressed like a clown LOL - and the story is that HellBone bought me these awesome shoes from Death Row Designs in the sale they had until May 31st, but they were magic shoes! He wanted to get his own back on me after I reattached his head, so he gave me shoes that would magically turn me into a clown and walk me off to the nearest circus LOL!
Week 23 - Pistachio
Week 23: HEELLLLLLPPPPPPPPPP! Magic Shoes!!!!!
What is she wearing;
Hair: BC322 - Star Fest
Skin: Medley - Clown
Glasses: Razberry Inc - BigEe Glasses
Necklaces: Soap Co - Sugar Muerto Necklace, and, SPLASH - Fluffy Star Necklace
Outfit: ILLY Creations - M&MH Past Hunt Prize
Tights: Riddle - I Heart You Tights
Bracelet: MONS - Xena
Ring: Maxi Gossamer - FleurDeLis Glass Skull Ring
Boots: Death Row Designs - Bozo Clown Boots

Sorry for anyone bothered more than I am by clowns, I really don't like them much either, I could deal with them more than Aliens but yeah... Sorry! Blame it on Hell for the magic shoes! 
Next Week - Raspberry Glace


  1. Just one thing I can say to that: ROFL!!!

  2. It is rare I near spit out my coffee reading the blogs in the morning. But OMG, Rudh, that green bugar..HAHHAAA!

    I LOVE the clown attire. I swear Ive seen womens makeup in RL who look just like your clown. LOL
    xoxo loves ya, and LOVE this post!!

  3. LMAO funny snotty picture you got there Loveee the shoes

  4. BOOOOOOOOGA!!!! lolol
    That clown is fantastic, definitely one of your best posts, the expression is just perfect.

  5. oh boy brrrr that snot... but pity that i missed the chat that

  6. *laughs* Awesome. Way to go, Rudh!

  7. A booger?!? NOOOOOO!!! And dude! I totally get your thing with clowns. They creep me out, too. You gonna get the bloggers to take down Hell?

  8. This is absolutely brilliant, love it!! The snot picture is funny as hell!!

  9. LOL leave it to you to come up with that! Where was I during such philosophical convo? LMAO

  10. Ha ha, I love the eyes , as well as the rest

  11. haha, your creativity is astounding really, great pic :)