Sunday, June 17, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 25

Hard to believe that next week marks the half way point of round two... I can remember reaching the halfway point of round one and thinking bugger me I made it half way, then when I finished it I was actually pretty amazed that I had managed to keep it up. Not sure I would be able to do what I did last time around, at the end of this line up though, where I took photos of outfits I made wearing every colour... It may happen, but don't count on it!
This week I hit the ball outta the park on the randomness scale... I threw open my warehouse wardrobe doors and thought "aww crap I have nothing!" Then, for some reason - maybe it was this outfit calling me, I headed into my dressing up box and the folder marked 'food costumes' and this little beauty of an outfit slapped me in the face! 
I ran around cackling like a crazy person, dancing in the wafflyness (I know it's not a word LOL), but what to wear with it... what to wear? what to wear? Then I saw an advert on TV, about 'Feed your Breakfast Demons' - was old school on one of those remember this type shows - but it all just clicked into place in my head!
Week 25 - Unmellow Yellow
Week 25: Feed your Breakfast Demon... I'll have scrambled eggs on toast please!
What is she wearing; 
Antlers: The Black Forest - Breakfast Antlers
Hair: Ploom - Daisy (Sorry to the designers as I turned the pretty flowers into eggs)
Skin: Heartsick - Poison
Make-Up: Eyes: [ni.ju] - Kumi, and, Lips: KOSH - Drama
Outfit: Paper Heart - Sunny Side Up (No Longer Available!)
Ring: Schadenfreude - Waffles Ring
Feet: SLink - Jolie Pied

I have to apologise to Helyanwe of Ploom btw - I know she isn't likely to see this but just in case she does - I used and abused your Daisy Hair! I photoshopped them to look more like eggs than pretty daisys!  Gah this post is making me hungry LOL!!
Next Week -Rust


  1. aw LOL Rudh the Wafflyness is so cute! Love the outfit!! So creative :P
    Eggs hair LOL I'm sure she will forgive you :)

  2. When you said you were made a little crazy by the color , I expected something good like this - love it !

  3. Better be careful. Someone is likely to pour syrup all over you and lick it off, lol!

  4. oh hahahahaaha i laughed hard in rl you and your breakfast eggs hair super cute Rudh

  5. and a folder with food costumes how super is that... looool

  6. oh hahahahaaha i laughed hard in rl you and your breakfast eggs hair super cute Rudh i think helyanwe want bring your idea in the shop

  7. This outfit cracks me up! Well done!

  8. It's just missing some delicious Black Pudding....LOL. Nice outfit though and a great fit, waffle dress is clever. Pass the brown sauce...

  9. Maple Syrup on the waffles of course...not the sauce..that's for the bacon and sausage

  10. Oh wow that waffle dress is really pretty! Love the creativity hehehe :)

  11. "food costumes" LOL! Now that is a folder everyone should have! That picture made me smile... a lot :)

  12. Hahaha! The breakfast demon is hilarious and so creative! Wtg Rudh, I could just eat you up!