Sunday, June 10, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 24

The booger look... Oh how I wish it had stayed in SL this week, unfortunately due to drama mentioned in a previous post the booger look combined with the cried out look in RL to create an image that would scare most living, and possibly a fair few inanimated, things...
But I had a random burst of creativity, I spent time playing around with windlight settings and will possibly focus on trying to learn more about SL Photography. I have a PC now that can handle shadows I think... but don't really know how to make them work, I want to have a picture with shadows LOL!!!
But anyway in my random burst of activity I set about creating my colour challenge picture, which was a great way of getting my mind off the drama and onto something I enjoy doing.
Fledge and I had been discussing this colour, and after last week's toxic snot colour, she referred to this colour as mouldy raspberry... I don't really like this colour and I can't think that there has been a colour I have been like "YAY I love this colour", so far in the challenge but it's a challenge and so I keep on colouring myself in mouldy raspberries LOL!!! 
I went back away from the creepy this week, I don't seem to be able to make up my mind about pretty and creepy lol - it's like being on a swing. This week I am back on the pretties, Fledge stepped in to help when I couldn't make up my mind between Disney style maiden or hippy... We went with the Disney look. It isn't totally true to any of the Disney Princesses, but we'll just say it is an amalgamation of all of them rolled into one LOL... Oh and while I was looking for a background I came upon this... 
Really made me laugh out loud, it kinda works with the whole way I look at hair in SL...
Week 24 - Raspberry Glace
Week 24: I wonder if I sing could I pop one of the birds like Princess Fiona did in Shrek?
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Lola Summer Mesh Hair
Butterfly: Epic - Perched Sparkle Flutterfly
Mouse: {PSYCHO:Byts} - Trapped Mouse
Dress: paper.doll - Fairest Of Them All Dress
Rabbit: HPMD - Sleepy Rabbit
Feet: Slink - Jolie Pied
Stump: HC Creations - Tree Trunk Caladium
Birds: HPMD - Little Birds
Deer: Pink Fuel - Standing Deer

I hope next week is better, less drama, more interesting stuff for Rudh!!! There will also be more posting on the ramblings... Never know what might turn up on it hehe, also you never know if the swing will hit creepy or cute next week, but I don't wanna be predictable lol... so I couldn't guess which it would be either hehe! 
Next Week - Unmellow Yellow 


  1. Funny! Love your Disney look, but please, don't eat this poor butterfly.
    Dear, life hurts, but we learn quickly. I had same experience last year and today I realize how negative this person was for me.

  2. haha Rudh super that statement from Disney about hair.. i laughed also. your picture is realy disney style lol
    oh and when you know how to make shadows .. can you help me then?
    bye bye Nic

  3. ha ha, love the look. So overly sweet and hence not very typical of your style, but then again the mouse in the mouth and butterfly on nose does bring in the touch (or more than a touch) of ironic distance .

  4. Oh my, cuteness overload!! And the mouse is a nice touch. Did you catch it yourself? ;)

    As for the shadows, don't hesitate to poke me if you need some help. I'm not a huge expert or anything, but I do have shadows!

  5. Rudh, this is totally adorable.

  6. Awww Alice in Wonderland goos Rasberry Glace

  7. Aw Rudh this is precious, I love it!

  8. Your photograph shows this...
    A happy, energetic life who has a love for animals. The butterfly on your nose shows your sense of humor and the overall color tells me you have a pretty soul =) All in all, I love this photo because it clearly displays you


    But ummm please don't sing? I don't think you should be exploding innocent birdlife *g*

    And your dress clearly marks you out as a princess, it is even called 'fairest of them all' :)

    Also lol@ the hair expectations, I tell you what, SL has given me unrealistic expectations! When I see punk hair IRL I am very critical, I always think 'SL would do it better' LOL!

  10. Awwww that's too cute and a side of you I didn't knw! Love the Disney sign LOL