Saturday, June 16, 2012


D-LAB is one of my favourite stores for the cute and random, but today with it's new release I was like EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHH (imagine that as one long high pitch squeek!) and I once again was lured into spending FAR too much on a flipping gacha machine. 
Official Advertisment Photograph sent to the D-LAB group!
The Squirrels are the latest in the line of uber-cute, squeal worthy, adorableness to come out of the D-LAB. I had to have some... and by some I meant a set at least! Problem was it was a Gacha stuffed full of them and so I had to win them! You could get necklaces, bags, keyrings, watches and squirrels for your head, each in 5 different colours. I managed to get at least one of each of those things but it was the watches that I was desperate for because I think they are just too freaking adorable! I managed to get 4 different colours, missing the pink version, but I just couldn't resist. As usual with gachas it will benefit some of my friends, lol, but then there is nothing wrong with sharing the love!
 I looked at my watch, it was 5.45, meant it was dinner time hehe!! I took the comment on my Birdie post into consideration while making this picture, it was hard to stay online LOL the high antiailising when teamed with the shadows made it like treacle to move but once I was in position... This was the outcome! My first shadows, though I plan on getting more into my photography and I really want the ones like you see people getting in their studio shots too LOL... Still plenty more for me to learn! 
Oh and if anyone wins a spare Pink Squirrel Watch, don't throw it away, let me know hehe!!!

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  1. Hi Rudh, good to be reminded of D-lab. Hadn't been there for along time. Going there was very good for my mood, may be not for my linden dollar account.