Saturday, June 23, 2012

Don't Cry Teddy, It's Only Horror Haute

Horror Haute June is upon us and I am so excited to be able to bring it to my personal blog. When I quit working for Seraphim recently, I went to all of the event organisers that I had worked with covering their events, firstly to say that I had quit and felt that as I was no longer covering their event on the blog that I would be leaving their bloggers group - it was something that I felt I needed to do, I signed up with them to cover it specifically on Seraphim and once that was over I felt I owed the designers and organisers that I had worked with that small courtesy - and then to thank them for allowing me to be part of their event for so long. 
Electra Shadowcry, of Hysteria and organiser of Horror Haute, point blankly refused to let me leave however. She felt I was a good enough blogger to continue to blog the event on my personal blog, an idea I hadn't pursued with any of the other events I had previously covered, and so I was told I would need to create 2 posts a month in the space of a week to publicise the Horror Haute event...
I bring you the first of my posts NOW!! Hehe - I hope I can do it justice Electra, thank you for your faith in me as a blogger! 
I had NO IDEA what I was going to do for this first look, I knew I wanted to wear this skin and the eyes, that part was easy. It was the working out how everything else fit together that was hard, then I was struck with the idea of my new crying teddy pose prop that was a gift recently from [EY:NO]. I had this vision that poor teddy was scared seeing me in my Horror Haute look, Fledge thought that it was more like I was ripping his eye out hehe, either way the photo worked and I was happy with the outcome!!! I happy danced thinking 'YAY I have my first Horror Haute look in the bag' then I realised I had another to do LOL... Well one down, one to go!!

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Cookie 
Skin: Mystic Canvass - Sheena Skin with eye design (HORROR HAUTE JUNE)
Eyes: Saturnine Dreams - Undead Eyes in Ruby Vamp (HORROR HAUTE JUNE)
Choker: {PSYCHO.Byts} - Black Choker Pack with studs 
Outfit: ImmateriA - Tethys Outfit, including clothing on all layers, cuffs and prim gloves (HORROR HAUTE JUNE)
Shoes: Death Row Designs - Lolita in black spikes
Teddy Bear Pose Prop: [EY:NO] - Don't Cry Teddy (Group Gift)


  1. YAY You're an event-blogger now! And feeling the stress already ;)Really cool that you can continue blogging like this, you obviously made a good impression!

    Btw, I'm just going to pretend I didn't read that whole ripping teddy's eye out bit.
    Just sweet Rudh comforting the sad teddybear, just sweet Rudh...

  2. LOL yeah thanks a lot, publicise your sister's Freudian dark-side and scare Sama so she never comes to my blog again ;P

    I do think it's a fab pic though. Evil!Rudh still does rainbows, yay!!! I would title it, "Horror in the Nursery" and you are not coming ANYWHERE near Bean dressed like that *g*