Friday, June 15, 2012


ZombiePopcorn events are like Christmas for me... I AM IN LOVE WITH THEM!!! 
The ZombiePopcorn Carnival is upon us and it has been open a total of about 45 minutes as I sit here to write this post, but I couldn't get in there fast enough!!! 
I wanted to soak in all that ZombiePopcorn goodness, I ran around the booths and tents looking at what was on offer and I will have to go back later to make sure I get a better look at all the goodies. I've already made a shopping list of things I want... the League Necklace, the KOSH Necklace, the Concrete Flowers Necklace, things from [Virtual/Insanity], a mermaid tail from Quarantine, but no doubt as I wander around it later that I will find more and end up spending a sheer fortune... It's not my fault, it is the ZombiePopcorn, it brings out my shopping demons hehe! 
Once I had wandered around looking at things though I parked my butt in a central location and just stood looking at it all... It is totally gorgeous. Jenica Penucca has done a truly amazing job to set up the carnival, in the past she has told me that she wanted it to be a fitting memory to days gone by when she went to RL carnivals with her loved ones and BOY has she done just that... I was blown away by the colours - it took me back to times when I had visited carnivals like this when I was a kid. So vivid is the venue that you can almost feel the bubbling of excitement, smell the candyfloss in the air and hear the screams of people on some of the HUGE rides! I am totally blown away and recommend to anyone and everyone, GO TO THE CARNIVAL!!! It is so worth the trip! 
I'll be going back a few times I am sure, and maybe I should have waited to get all dressed up and show off some of the items you can buy at the carnival but that's something you can explore on your own, you don't need me for that, I purely decided to write this and tell you - anyone who will listen - this is an AMAZING, dazzling, fun, and colourful place to visit!!!

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