Tuesday, June 12, 2012

HellBone's Angels??? LOL!

Every cloud has a silver lining... Least I have always been told that it was the way things worked. My mum used to tell me so when I was little, Disney (my guru when I was a kid) always made it seem so, and even now most of the movies or books I am partial too always have a silver lining after a cloud. 
My most recent silver lining is something that I never thought I would be having to hear or announce to ANYONE - be it relating to SL or RL, it's just something that I have never wanted LOL... Still... Ladies and Gentlemen, it is about time I announced that RudHellowen have adopted daughters in SL!!! 
HellBone's Angels Photo by Niki Elan. (From Left: Niki, Me and Shiny)
As the DAUGHTERS OF HELL (such a great Stephen King novel title I swear - and Mr King if you do read this I want credit for the name!), Niki and Shiny swept into our lives, calling me Mom until I conceded and gave them what they wanted...
Long story short, Niki and I worked together for Seraphim. She was the baby blogger and I hadn't really talked to her all that much till she was slapped in the face with some big drama, then I became like her Jerry Springer - and to this day would still hit someone with a chair if I could, lol. We were at an event together and I joked that as I was so much taller than her (if you could see the bottom of the pic above she has moved me down), I could be her mum. With that she was calling me Mom and when she spoke to Hell he agreed to it - there was I thinking he'd be like UH NO WAY! So in that moment we adopted not one but two daughters, along with a heap of other family including kids of kids...
Niki, our "innocent" daughter - her claim not ours - is usually to be seen with her FairyBru and occasionally her uber cute daughter Liz. She is feminine and sweetness all wrapped up in one tiny package. Her other half, Bru, could be a doppleganger for HellBone, but she fell for a guy that looks like her dad before she even met him... So I think those two are onto a good thing lol it's fate!
Shiny is like our own Duracell Bunny. She bounces around and has the typing animation of a crazy person. I am still getting to know this one, she and I are a bit like ships passing in the night due to our time zones, but we will get there and I look forward to that!
I will admit that being Mum to these two has kind of grown on me, our girls are both beautiful in every way. Smart, funny, charismatic, somewhat devious and both with their own kick ass senses of style, Shiny and Niki have enriched my SL, and definitely made a huge dent in my RL too. I normally find it hard to open up and let people in, but these two broke down the wall and made themselves permanent residents, rather than waiting on the outside for a key! I am very glad they did, I don't think SL would be the same without them anymore, but just for the record - and you may hear different - I have NO FAVOURITE, lol, I love them both just the same!

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