Tuesday, June 19, 2012


"Each one of us has the right to liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness. Everyone has the right to love and be loved in return. GAY, LESBIAN, STRAIGHT, TRANSGENDERED or BISEXUAL…..Sexual Orientation or Race shouldn’t Matter. The FREEDOM to LOVE is fundamental as the FREEDOM to BREATHE. Two adults should have the right to love without discrimination and intolerance. Marriage should be available to any loving couple. Let’s end hatred and discrimination now. Stand UP and be counted!!!"
HellBone and I have joined the campaign and Stand4Love... I've always said that no matter who you fall in love with, love is the most important thing! 
As I heard someone once say, "Passion makes the world go round, Love just makes it a safer place", so we stand up to be counted, we've joined the campaign to fight for the right that consenting adults should be able to live and love in their own way be that straight or gay, monogamous or polygamous... Everyone should have the right to choose their own happiness! 

For more details about this campaign, I would check out the Stand4Love Blog and maybe you will join us in Standing For Love!


  1. That's a gorgeous pic and a really good quote there, "passion makes the world go round, love just makes it a safer place" I really like that. *Jumps on board!* Make room for a shapechanging, orientation absolutely-anything-goes (iSL!) dragon woohoooo!