Friday, June 22, 2012

Faster Horsey Faster

Been playing around with photography once again... Loving the freedom that I have with so much time on my hands now - working like I was made things like being able to play with my blog nigh on impossible! Yet now I can play and practice and try new things to my hearts content... I may even start uploading my pictures to Flickr more seeing as I am not using that solely for work purposes!
Today I bring a picture from time spent in the garden outside my little wendy house!
The Rocking Horse Freak is a picture of me being a big kid, having a big adventure and riding off into the distance on my rocking horse from HopScotch. I never normally advocate leaving a rocking horse roaming free in your garden by the way - they poop a lot and all the grass gets flattened LOL... But I will say I love this picture. My newly adopted sister Morgana - she may regret adopting me, as Fledge will no doubt agree, I am a pain in the butt - pointed me in the direction of an online photo enhancement website on which you can upload your photos and then add boarders, and colour or light overlays... I had lots of fun playing around with it! I'm sure it will feature more, it's FUN!
Still playing around with the photography thing, I think I'm getting better at it, but I'd love to hear opinions from anyone and everyone! All help is good help!

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  1. Hehe I like the sparkles :) But you're supposed to credit when you use stuff to enhance your pics, and then we can all go play *hint hint* ;)

    I hope your unicorn doesn't get jealous...