Friday, June 29, 2012

Why walk when you can ride an ostrich?

I think I'm just having one of those weeks where I feel like doing anything too much will really not work... It has been really hot and humid over here, I've been wanting to do nothing more than spend my time sprawled on my bed with the HUGE fan that Hell has from when he would cart around stuff for his band, and a really good book. I've been feeling kinda icky too, wanting to sleep a lot and feeling groggy, oh as well as the migraine I had the other day!! 
Still I managed to find some time to sit behind the PC today... I had to, I need to get doing things again even if it is just job hunting online. 
However in SL, D-LAB have bloomin well done it again... It's 50L Friday, and D-LAB is in the line up, and OH MY GAH THEY MADE OSTRICHES! 
I simply had to have one, there was no two ways about it. They made rubber rings too, but I was blind to those after seeing the ostriches... They make cute noises and can be ridden by you and a friend! Poor little things though, I mean OK one heavy lump on its back I can understand but two heavy lumps LOL that might be pushing it a little surely? LOL... Oh and for the record I'm not blond lol, it's the fault of the lighting! I'm actually wearing ice white pigtails - one of Ploom's latest releases! Although, colour wise I kinda match the other crazy bird in the photo huh?
Still, this picture does have a slight pensive feeling to it, maybe I am expressing the fact that I feel icky but am excited about the weekend! I will aim to be online for two fun events - Fledge is having a land warming party and my friend Horatio is bringing back the cover bands he used to perform in so well for an AC/DC gig! Not to mention I need to get the colour challenge photo ready, OH and all the shopping!!!

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