Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Horror Haute Ghouls Night Out

The Horror Haute list was sent out in the group this morning, and I finally managed to finish my second Horror Haute look. I think that I love this look even more than the first one that I put together, it's bright and fun but dead, and seems like something I would totally wear - in fact I will be keeping it on for a while because I like it so much!
Fledge dubbed this the 'Ghouls Night Out' look, and maybe it's because I have a weird love for Monster High LOL - yes I know it's a kids programme and it might make me a little weird, but it's cute and monstrous and I am jealous that I didn't get monster barbies when I was a kid! (If you have no idea what Monster High is, I'll be nice and share a link with you LOL... I am such a big kid, who needs grown-up tv!)
I scoured SL looking for just the right disco club feel and found one with lots of strobe light effects and falling sparkles... the picture just fell into place. I never saw anyone at the event location but thank you to the Club Fatheads for having such awesome sparkly lights hehe!
There may be more Horror Haute inspired posts to come from me this month, I may keep you waiting till next month, but for now get your glad rags on and join me on a Ghouls Night Out? Anyone? 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Exile - Nikki in Moonlight (Past Gift)
Skin: [PETRICHOR] - Zombie Skin in Leech 
Eyes: Saturnine Dreams - Undead Eyes in Glass Wight (HORROR HAUTE JUNE)
Face Hole: {Dead Apples} - Melted with Drops Add-On (HORROR HAUTE JUNE)
Necklace: Lasaki - Eternal Beauty Necklace (HORROR HAUTE JUNE)
Dress: The Little Bat - Vivian in Dust (HORROR HAUTE JUNE)
Gloves: Hysteria - The amazing spikes (HORROR HAUTE JUNE)
Ring: Maxi Gossamer - Fleur De Lis Skull Rings
Pose: SuPerBia - Kawaii1

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  1. That is a very Monster High and very Rudh look, anyway if you're weird what does that make me so NO YOU ARE PERFECTLY NORMAL 8) I love the hair ribbons and the sparkles they make the 'look'.