Saturday, June 2, 2012

One of those OOOPS LOL Moments

I love Oops LOL Moments... I spend so long looking at my avatar on a daily basis, it kinda makes me feel more than a little bit vain, but when the oops lol moments happen, that seems to wash away.
For me it can take hours to get changed and that means I spend so much time with my camera focused on Rudh that I could win vanity awards almost every day. I've been getting a bit lazy and wearing an outfit for a couple of days before I head back into the wardrobe warehouse to find something else!
Yesterday though I was working on a little something for the Colour Challenge Bloggerettes, and was playing with my new AnyPose Expression Face Animator Thingiemajiggie.
 I realised that there was something going horribly wrong when my face looked like this! 
I couldn't stop laughing but then I realised, when you click one it stays clicked until you unclick it LOL... I was being naive and thought that once you clicked on a new facial expression it would replace the old one, LOL BOY was I wrong... But this picture was just too much of a classic not to share it hehe!!! 

1 comment:

  1. HAHA...girl, I give you credit for posting this pic. I do this to and lmao. Maybe we should have an anypose photo challenge. LOL