Sunday, June 3, 2012

Celebrate a Jubilee, with a terrible joke!

Before I moved to Holland, I was never very patriotic, I never really paid much attention to what was going on as far as the Royal Family went... Yet NOW, I cannot get enough of the Union Jack, and have an almost proud feeling to be able to say that I am a Brit, what with all the good stuff that the country is getting into at the moment! Not only is it Olympic time in London (though to be honest I don't give a monkeys about that!), it is actually the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth, and how often will something like that ever happen in your lifetime! 
My Dad was 3 months old when she was crowned, she's been on the throne 60 years now, she's almost catching up with Victoria the longest ruling Monarch in English History (only another 4 more years Lizzie - you can do it!!) She's ruled through some amazing times, met some amazing people and although her powers have diminished I will say, despite the fact that a lot of people are a bit anti the Royal Family, I think it's great! I'm wearing my Union Jack's with pride at the moment, and will sit to watch all the festivities on TV, just kinda wish I was there to join in the fun!!
OH AND A REALLY BAD JOKE... (Don't say I didn't warn you!)... 
The Queen and Prince Philip (her hubby!) are getting into bed one night, he's taking a little longer so she dives under the covers and pulls them up high under her chin, 
She turns to Philip, and in her very posh voice, says, 
"Look Philip, I'm a Stamp!"


  1. You look hot in all that Union Jacks ... and thanx for making me giggle ... I cannot resist such jokes ... *grins*

  2. Well if the Queen is anything like her mom, she might very well make it to her platinum jubilee!
    You look great in all those Union Jacks :)