Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stay Outta The Water!

D-LAB DID IT AGAIN!!! They made something that I simply felt I couldn't live my life without, well I say something but it was SOMETHINGS plural that had me running at speed to grab them!
Sharks! Some people love them, some people hate them... I personally didn't like the film Jaws but would prefer to go into a shark cage than to swim with dolphins. Everyone does dolphins, I would imagine the thrill of being in shark cage - although you might poop your pants at first - would definitely be worth it!
D-LAB made Sharks, and as soon as I saw them I had to have them, there was no getting around it! I needed these sharky things!
It started off with a group freebie mouthie version, then the full-sized version and finally I had to hot foot it over to the Old Europe Summer Festival just to get the necklace version, which is a freebie in the starfish that can be found on the D-LAB stall! 
Once it was out and I noticed Hell was in the garden not stuck up on his build platform where he seems to be about 90% of the time he is online - the other 10% he is off doing stuff for the bike club that he is a senior road captain of - I grabbed him for a photo. 
I tweaked the photo with the online photo enhancement programme thingie that Morgana had shown me and TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - I really like the result!! Really really like the result!! 
I think this is my favourite picture of Hell and I in a while, though the Stand4Love picture and this photo would have a fight to see who won hehe!!!

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  1. I think Helly is going to get his wellies wet *g*
    You look really cute (and unusually girly!) and you have to start sharing your camera and photo-manip tips!