Friday, June 15, 2012

NO BIRDIE, Don't Eat That!

Been playing with photography again, getting really click happy... I could be a member of the paparazzi for the amount of photo shooting I am doing now - not that any of them are any good LOL but I'm trying!
I randomly came across this shot in the garden playing with odd poses and different locations, it had me in stitches and the first thing that came to mind when I saw the photo and the way the vulture is pulling off a chunk was "NO BIRDIE Don't Eat That" lol... This is one of the pets we keep in our garden, he keeps the swamp gator company, and makes a handy waste disposal unit!! As I told our daughters, this is where I disposed of past ex-boyfriends, hehe, and I have a feeling that the bird and the gator may be well fed with these two from now on! 
I also learnt something that may seem totally silly to some people but to a photography noob like me it was a real eye opener! Lashae mentioned about High Rez Snapshots to disk... I was like WHAAAA??? It makes them seem less jagged around the edges, and will now be a permanently marked so that all my photos have this jag-free look... The fact that I am nearly 6 in SL and am just learning this makes me feel like a total noobie lol, but hey who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?!


  1. turn up your antiailsing 8x or 16x and your pictures will look better, sl will look better too. Got photoshop? Look up your layers section>layer styles>black and white on a soft light setting.

    Remember shadows are your friends.

  2. Thanks for the comment whoever you are lol, wish you had let me know who it was! I'll have a look at what you suggested and thank you for the tip, but remember next time I'd love to know who you are LOL!!!

  3. It's Lyric/Aya I don't have an account Good Luck with your pictures

  4. Oh my gah, lol thank you for reading my ramblings... hope that life is going well for you and thanks for the comment... I am really gonna be trying to use any hints that I am given!