Monday, August 28, 2017

Where's your Wonderland?

Yesterday was my 11th Rezzday, I mentioned that before but I cannot help but mention it again. I was working on something weird and wonderful as a post today and it came to me that I had a pretty picture ready and waiting that perfectly fit my view of SL. 
SL for me at least is a world of wonderful things, because you can find some of the most amazing and magical places where beautiful things come to life... Places like this location at WHOLE WHEAT, where the dusty study opens to create the edge of wonderland... One of my favourite places to roam... I could spend hours just daydreaming in places like this... 
Places like this are the reason I've been able to keep coming back to SL for so long... My friends and crazy love of blogging help too but this location is just gorgeous... 
It was the perfect place to set up an outfit post which could be another look of the day type I guess... I'm doing a lot of those at the moment, but I need to get my head into gear for a proper story. 
So my look of the day consists of a gorgeous soft looking Serene Lace Dress from Petite Mort - which is available until September 10th at Trés Chic - accessorised with some gorgeous roses from LODE and a random.Matter choker, but with the addition of this gorgeous make-up from Zombie Suicide, called Ann Markings that is available at the soon to close Cosmetic Fair, this look was made into something magical that perfectly fit the surroundings. 
Question is, where is your wonderland?! 

What is she wearing;
Hair Flowers: LODE - Royal Wreath in Faded Purple (Available until September 15th at Shiny Shabby
Hair: Analog Dog - Joga Hair 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Make-Up: Zombie Suicide - Ann Markings (Available until August 31st at Cosmetic Fair
Necklace: random.Matter - Halek Choker 
Dress: Petite Mort - Serene Lace Dress in Raspberry (Available until September 10th at Trés Chic

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