Friday, August 18, 2017

Not So Glory Hole

Today something a little different, a little kinky but a lot funny!! I was out at the kinky event called ROMP and was looking for something interesting to play with, something new that I'd never thought of before and not only did I find myself some new toys, I found a new store that will no doubt become an addiction because if these items are anything to go by they will make Rudh a VERY Happy little shoppaholic!!! 
Poor Otis, being ridiculed in a "Not so Glory Hole", but it's a release from a store that I've fallen for and will no doubt be blogging a lot more in future... A store called Fapple! Even the name sounds awesome! Fapple! It's a store filled with amazing Femdom toys, lots of stuff for naughty girls like me to take control for a change and I know that I can't wait to have some fun with these toys. 
I tested a couple out that I snatched up at ROMP this week - as you can see the Not So Glory Hole was put to the test with poor Otis being made to take one for the team... I LOVE that there are various different textures, including the one shown here that just makes me laugh, especially when you see it with the AMAZEBALLS attachment that a Mistress - or Master - can add... LOL it was hard to choose, I was spoilt for choice, there are sock puppets, ribbons, and even a HotDog, but this magnifying glass version won, it made me laugh so hard! While on the subject of Fapple at Romp too, don't miss the piggies... The Bank Control comes in three versions for tips, rent and as decor, and seriously nothing could be more apt for me than a piggy bank in bondage gear the amount I abuse my piggy bank LOL... Seeeeeeee Such cute things, and nothing is too expensive it seems either! Worth checking them out!!! 
I may keep this little corner of my house decorated like this, never know when a naughty boy needs a bit of ridicule, but the Fapple props, alongside this adorable "Hello Slut" Sign from Ama - available at ROMP - and the even more adorable 3D Lips Decor from katat0nik - which you can pick up at Blush until August 28th - it looks so cute, no?! 

What is in the Photo;
Glory Hole: Fapple - The not so glory hole (Available until August 25th at ROMP
Handcuffs: Handcuffs open (No Longer Available!)
Neon Light: Ama. - Hello Slut Neon (Available until August 25th at ROMP
Wall Decor: katat0nik - 3D Lips Decor (Available until August 28th at Blush
Wall Mount: [Krescendo] - Sex Museum Gacha Item in 10 (Available until August 25th at Fetish Fair
Toys: The Horror! - Candy Collection in Licorice 
Cupboard: .peaches. - The Stars That Laugh Gacha Item in 11. Side Table Dark 
Pig: Fapple - Bank Control Deco (Available until August 25th at ROMP

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