Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tears will fall...

I'm not sure I can't quite believe that today is actually August 1st, where the hell is the year going and why is it seeming to slip by so fast?! Though I have to admit that I am glad I'm done with July. July was so full of drama and nonsense that it made my head spin, and I've become a bit of an emotional wreckage! So I warn you that today I'm going to open my heart a bit and let the drama spill out, something that I need to do here occasionally, BUT if you wanted to avoid that then enjoy the pretty picture and move on down to the Outfit List at the bottom, and I promise that this kind of ramble won't happen too often! 
Time for the ramble...
Many of you will know that I lost my RL job back in April and although I hated it I have come to the realisation that the daily grind of nothing but house hold chores is driving me to boredom. I cannot for the life of me work out how housewives - or husbands - can be able to find enjoyment at home all day every day. Now that the boredom has taken control I'm finding myself unable to find a job and it's making me feel useless...
When I add to that a feeling of not being needed, feelings of not being able to achieve anything - through a lack of self confidence and over-thinking things - and lots and lots of SL drama in my friendship circle it feels like I'm sinking. Tears fall fairly frequently and I'm hiding myself away a lot, not wanting to share my woes with anyone because frankly I know there are people out there in a worse state. I'm not going to go into details, don't worry, but I just wanted to make sure that everyone who knows me realises I'm pretty fragile right now... 
Hence why in the picture I'm shedding tears over a loss... A loss of myself somewhat, and I know that sounds over dramatic but things will get better! I know they will... 

What is she wearing;
Flowers: LODE - Spiderwort Wreath in Blue RARE (Available until August 1st at The Chapter Four
Hair: Truth - Taren in Redhead 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Eyes: Izzie's - Lua Eyes in Teary Eyes RARE 
Tears: Izzie's - LOGO Alex Tears Applier 
Dress: Just Because - Isabelle Gown in Blue 
Pose: Signature Pose - Rudh

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