Saturday, April 1, 2017

No April Fools; Only April Pretties!

Tis April 1st, and although I'm no April Fool I do feel like doing something a little silly and foolish.
Maybe it's not as foolish as I'd like but it's a subtle yet stylish nod to the silly and that for me is enough right now. I had a really strong urge to do something pretty, and I hope that I managed to combine those two ideas... 
Thinking outside the box is hard at times I admit, but I actually will admit that I love the results that I came up with... My April Fool hehe... 
Taken at Momento Mori's Cathedral in the Clouds, my subtle nod to the fool is actually my little friend. Sir Fox is my stole, and he's a past gacha release from the store NOMAD. He seemed really fitting with this outfit not only because of the soft elegance but come on, he's a fox with a hat and although you don't get a clear view of it, there's a monocle there too LOL... I love him... 
He looks elegant when combined with my pretty dress, a dress that I picked up at Trés Chic this month from the store The Oak. This soft set of curls from Annie from Phoenix - which I bought in reds but the basic colour is white which I had to make a copy of and keep before I dyed it - is adding more to that ribboned dress wrapping too. 
Now I warned you it wasn't a very foolish April Fool, I don't think I'm really on my game at the moment after the headache yet. It is however very pretty so instead of an April fool you get an April pretty, any complaints??!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Phoenix - Annie Hair in Reds (Available until April 19th at Kink(y)
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Eye Patch: DirtyStories - Dolls Lace EyePatch in White 
Fur: NOMAD - Sir Fox Stole 
Dress: The Oak - Milla Dress in Silver (Available until April 5th at Trés Chic
Upper Bracelet: Kibitz - Diamond Bangle A in Onyx (Available until April 20th at LootBox
Lower Bracelet: Ama - Simple Truths Bracelet 
Pose: Image Essentials - Succubus 2 

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