Monday, April 17, 2017

The Gators MC - Not your Average MC!

I was asked to do something fairly recently by members of the Gators MC that always makes me feel a little stressed... I love them all but working on a family picture always brings me out in hives! It needs to be something that people like, something that people want to share and something where everyone looks great, but there are things like make sure all the people that need to be there are where they need to be at the right time! It makes me stress even just thinking about taking it, so it's not something that I do every day! 
But it was time, and although I had to edit people in at a later date, the outcome worked and it looks pretty good!
I used a pose that has space for 10 different avatars called "Friends and Family" from Image Essentials - and yes before anyone says anything there are in fact 12 people shown in the photo above. I mentioned before that I had to photo-shop people who weren't present into the picture at a later date, and these were on separate pose balls which I have listed the details of below too. I also needed to make sure that HellBone - the MC President - was sat in the middle, and because the pose in the chair was very female I had to use another pose for that too... 
Now I know that this was a little cheeky, and I really hope that I don't get into any trouble with the Image Essentials team for adding in poses, I LOVED the pose and that was why I needed to make sure that this was the one that the Gators used, but I needed more than 10 people and a manly pose in the middle. 
So that you can see the way the pose is created by Kay - of Image Essentials - I am including the original ad and will say that this is one of the great poses that Kay has made which is perfect for a lot of people. If you need large group poses, I always recommend Image Essentials, and no that's not me sucking up LOL!!! 

What is in the Photo;
Main Pose: Image Essentials - Friends and Family Pose 
Male Middle Seated Pose: Come Soon - The Alpha Pose 4 
Male Left Kneel Pose: S1- Bonus MP (No Longer Available!) 
Female Back Third From Left Pose: Image Essentials - Ragnar Pose 4 

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