Saturday, April 15, 2017

Walk like an Egyptian

Last night, and yes I mean Friday Night, we had a little party over at the Gators MC Sim. It was to celebrate the birthday of our Sgt@Arms - Mr Gary Burton - who thought we had forgotten, lol silly butt! One of those covert, try to keep things hidden from a guy who watches the sim like a hawk, type deals that started with me speaking to his lovely lady - Celeste - and then cursing her a bit while I tried to decorate! 
Finding the costume though, that was the best part! It's not something that I have ever really done before but you know me, I love a good excuse to find a costume!! This was no exception to that excitement... After all it's not every day you get to go back in time and be an Egyptian! 
I have to say I am pretty excited by what I came up with, and YES I did do a little happy dance when I was looking for a costume, I'll explain that in a minute. First though, when trying to find a photo location, I looked long and hard but found the most interesting place. Ancient Egypt in Terra Egypta looks very similar to the archaeological sites that you see in RL, only take it back a few thousand years and this is - I'd imagine - how it would feel... 
Now on to my Egyptian Goddess outfit and the reason for my little Happy Dance!
While I was out shopping in the week, I found this awesome headdress and hair combination from deviousMind at the latest round of We <3 RP, and at the time thought 'damn that's awesome but I'd never wear it'. Once Celeste said "Egyptian" as a party theme, I KNEW where I would be going LOL... 
I needed a dress to go with it, and although there are lots and lots of options available on the marketplace, nothing was screaming BUY ME! Then I had a change of thought and started looking for bandage style dresses - I mean come on Mummies are wrapped in Bandages, why couldn't I be LOL - and found the perfect dress from [status Inc]. Then it was just a matter of accessorising, a pretty necklace from Paper.Moon, a slick of lipstick from PSYCHO.Byts and a pet that was perfect for the Egyptians... 
Now all I needed to do, was practice my walk!!! 
What is she wearing;
Headdress & Hair: !dM deviousMind - Cleo Egyptian Crown in Goddess (Available until April 30th at We <3 RP)
Lipstick: PSYCHO.Byts - Sadayakko Lipstick
Necklace: Paper.Moon -  Necklace of Da'at
Bracelets: SIGMA - Layered Bangles (No Longer Available!)
Dress: [status Inc] - Casual Bandage Dress in Gray
Pose: Image Essentials - Sultry 6, Sultry V2 Set (Available until April 21st at Black Fashion Fair)
Pet: Birdy - Hocus Pocus Gacha Item in Mr. Bigglesworth Patch

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