Friday, April 7, 2017

In the Pit...

So last night I took HellBone out in RL. Sometimes we do that ya know, try to get out of the house and do real life type things. Last night was one of those times, we went to a concert in Amsterdam, and it was actually pretty good. I LOVE live music - more so in RL than hearing a live singer in SL, although that's good too - I can never get enough of that live music atmosphere, feeling the ground shake with the music's vibrations, the bright stage lights and the people having a great time... It's like a medicinal feeling, and I LOVE IT!! 
Last night's concert was a band called "Ghost" - a choice of Hell's which I will recommend as they have been great each time we've seen them! They've inspired my choice of post today... Something a little demonic is needed... 
A lot of their stage show is set around a fairly satanic theme, but it's loud, heavy and great to sing along to! So today, Rudh has undergone a transformation after being turned last night lol...
At a place called Daemonic Servitude, she stalks the halls, holding her own leash between her teeth - a leash from Gabriel at Kink(y) this month by the way - and a very obscenely high cute dress - a new favourite from Blueberry that seems to be everywhere at the moment since it's release last week.
The main change that came over Rudh, as let's face it this isn't an abnormal outfit for her, is the horns that ripped through her forehead, leaving long trails of blood over her cheeks as she went from human to demon. I fell in love with these horns as soon as I saw them advertised on Flickr, and I couldn't get to We <3 RP fast enough to grab them from the {aii} booth.
Having said all that I feel that I should leave you now as she searches through the hellish tunnels looking for a master, and I plan on trying to corrupt you as I go, so let me hand you over to Ghost as they take you from "The Pinnacle to the Pit"...
What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Lagertha in Reds
Horns & Wounds: {aii} - Kintsukuroi Horns (Available until April 30th at We <3 RP)
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2
Mouth Blood: Ghost'Ink - Be Bloody
Collar: Gabriel - Take Me Leash (Available until April 19th at Kink(y))
Dress: Blueberry - Breeanya in Black
Shoes: #EMPIRE - Columbine
Pose: Signature Pose - I'll Try, Pose Set 26

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