Friday, April 14, 2017

Fairy God Mother Service

For Cinders to be free, she will need a little more assistance than a knife to get into a glass slipper...Never fear though Cinders, help is at hand. All you need to do is dial 1-800-IWAFGM - that's 1-800-IWantAFairyGodMother to be exact - and a magical Fairy God Mother turns up at your door. No pumpkin hand to hand? Not a problem! No mice around? No worries, this team of Fairy God Mothers come fully equipped for any situation. No phone handy, simply make a wish on a star, in a well or via any other well known wishing location and within half an hour your dreams can come true... 
Perfectly dressed in Caboodle Fashions, and adorned with a wreath of Wild Sakura, this model is of our good witch variety and proves very popular at granting wishes. The bad witch variety is currently unavailable but these can be distinguished by a darkness in outfit colour and dead leaves in their hair Remember good fairies sparkle, bad guys that sparkle are either in disguise or are fake vampires LOL... 
DISCLAIMER: Monetary wishes not possible! Also true love can be a hit-or-miss gray area!  

What is she wearing;
Butterflies: *LODE* - Head Accessory in Wild Sakura Butterflies White.
Flowers: *LODE* - Head Accessory in Wild Sakura Wreath Apple
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Fae Hair in Reds (Available until May 6th at Collabor88
Cape: Caboodle - Witch Cape RARE 
Dress: Caboodle - Witch Dress in Blue 
Wand: Candy Crunchers - Wiz Wand 
Pose: Image Essentials - Sultry V2 Pose 6 (Available until April 21st at Black Fashion Fair

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