Monday, April 3, 2017

Solde's Art

Some of you know, although others may not, that one of my closest friends and Sisters is a lovely lady called Solde. 
She's featured in a lot of my pictures, either with her partner Kris or with myself, and has had in the past a massively accomplished career as a model, designer and manager. Now days - although still designing - she, like me, puts a vast majority of time into the Gators MC family as our Vice President. Controlling HellBone and the rest of the family is no easy task, but as per usual Solde does a very good job at keeping things balanced and happy! 
Now, while she's doing all of this - and much more I should add too - she also finds the time to take some very beautiful scenic photos. Many of which she shares on her Flickr site, which you can see if you click the link here
Yet today I am very excited to announce that she's also been asked to show in a gallery, which opens today, and I couldn't wait to get down there to take a little look see... 
I love the landscapes and the scenic shots that she takes, as a photographer myself I have no shame in admitting that this type of photography is HARD... 
Solde makes it look easy. I particularly love the one with the cars in the middle, but you should go make your own judgements. 
The event is open for a while, but you should head down to the Kultivate Spring 17 Art Show, to take a look for yourself! 

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