Monday, April 3, 2017

Dead Inside; Leaking Ectoplasm

I often spend a lot of my time flicking through the amazing creations of the people that I follow on Flickr. So many wonderful, creative minds are active there, that it is a bit like a private gallery showing sometimes. I find myself wishing that I had skills like that, or laughing and thinking "dammit why didn't I think of that?" and sometimes I even feel all the emotion that is poured into the pictures from the creator. Yet I look at my photos, and although I love them, I always find myself thinking "why is one more popular than the other?" When I go a little kookie with things it seems like it's less well liked than when I am a bit more normal... Not that it bothers me, I mean I do this for my own personal fun but I wonder what people think when they look at other people's creations, it just intrigues me!! 
Yesterday's post was a little weird, I will fully admit that, and so today I'm going back to something a little more normal for me, today I am going for that feisty dead doll look, and perhaps - although it's not normal for me to post one of these - I will say it's my Look-Of-The-Day, YAY! 
Take in an amazing set at WHOLE WHEAT, using a pretty scary looking axe - from the Ragnar Pose by Image Essentials - that I picked up in this post-apocalyptic city scene, Rudh is a little Dead Inside and is actually leaking ectoplasmic brain goo!! 
She's a dead doll, it wouldn't be normal if it wasn't ectoplasm right?! The drippy face look is actually a new make-up release from Nightmare, that includes 4 colours - green is shown obviously - and a white for tinting, at the new round of Suicide Dollz. 
This outfit definitely feels more Rudhish than yesterdays LOL... Hence a look of the day for lil me!! 

What is she wearing;
Goggles: Corvus - Unisex Mesh Goggles 
Hair: Truth - Ivana in Reds 
Left Eye: SongBird - Trypophobia Eyes in Green 
Nose Wound: [dispute] - Beaten Up 
Face Paint:  Nightmare - Infected Drizzle (Available until April 16th at Suicide Dollz
Upper Collar: AsteroidBox - Leather Spike Collar in Black 
Lower Collar: random.Matter - Wretched Collar 
Dress: Razor - Riot Dress in 
Jacket: `M.BIRDIE - Leah look-Jacket on Shoulder in 5 
Leg Wound: Nanika - Cuts on Leg Tattoo (Available until April 20th at The Project Se7en
Pose: Image Essentials - Ragnar 4 (Available until April 21st at Square1

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