Friday, August 19, 2016

Wannabe Fangirl Superhero

Something a little bit random, a little bit crazy and well, rather colourful is on the agenda today... It's FRIDAY and the start of what looks to be a good weekend, so I feel like I should get into the party mood!
You're lucky you can't hear my tone as I write this because it's dripping with sarcasm - especially as I say "WOOT PARTY!" Weekends for me are much of a muchness - working in my SL job, organising the Gators and if I'm very lucky getting some time just for me in which I can exercise my creativity demons by taking pictures... If I can find the right inspiration of course?!
Today's inspiration comes a little bit from the new "Suicide Squad" Movie... So many people out there are dressing like Harley Quinn however, so I decided to pull together a look I'm calling  "ComicBook Girl"!
Yes, Yes, I know I edited this picture a LITTLE harder than I may have needed to but I do really like the over saturation... Comic Books have that look to them after all right?! Fan girl by day, wannabe superhero at night LOL!
She's wearing what I lovingly call my PJs... Not that they were made for that purpose but they just look like a cute pair of Pjs when worn together LOL... The top - and pants though you cannot see them well, but trust me, are freaking awesome - are the creations of Addams. The top is a Tina Mini T-Shirt in a Superhero print, for those of you that are wondering...
From there I started to accessories the wannabe superhero look... A wig to disguise my identity, yes it's blonde with not just blue but PINK dip-dye tones, from elikatira, and then to disguise myself even more a pair of HUGE Kitty Meow Glasses from [Fetch].  There was just one little thing needed - a super cute necklace, and I knew the perfect one... This adorable Choker Bell from {Psycho.Byts}, matches so perfectly with my kitty glasses!
Just time for a quick selfie - since I look so cute - and it's Wannabe Fangirl Superhero AWAY!!

What is she wearing;
Hair: elikatira - Lena in Exclusives
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2
Glasses: [Fetch] - Kitty Meow Glasses (Available until August 21st at Manga Fair 2016)
Lipstick: [GA.EG] - O-LP07 Lipheart
Collar: {PSYCHO:Byts} - Choker Bell in Pastel (Available until August 21st at Manga Fair 2016)
Tattoos: [White Widow] - Nerve in Black
Top: Addams - Tina Mini T-Shirt in SuperHero
Cell Phone: VCO - Honey Deco Phone in Eyeball
Pose: {PSYCHO.Byts} - Ailsa-Selfie 6

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