Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Vampiric Persona

Think I'm becoming more and more like a vampire you know... Not the drinking blood part, but the allergic to sunlight bit... It's going to be a HOT few days in Holland and even though it's only 8.30am its already getting fairly warm - not warm by other country standards I'll admit, but still warm enough for a country that not two days ago was cold and wet!
Maybe I'll start hiding in the shadows and take on a new persona?!
Today has been FAR too hot, I've been writing a blog post since 8.30 AM and it's not nearly 12 hours later and I'm still writing because sitting behind my PC is not cool in this weather! 
Yet I think my vampire persona is definitely shaping up well... She looks the part at least, hiding her fangs while her photo is taken! 
Her hair has been teased into a somewhat historical, gothic style, courtesy of TRUTH and a blood red heart has been painted on her lips - thanks to [GA.EG]. Her heart locked away by the one that has marked him as hers, she is ready to hide in the darkest corners of SecondLife, avoiding the light and if at all possible the heat! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: TRUTH - Emika in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Melanie in Asia 05 
Eye Make-Up: Ghost'Ink - Be Dark in Smokey Make-Up 
Lipstick: [GA.EG] - O-LP07 Lipheart 
Collar: [Haste] - His Collar in Black 
Necklace: Kibitz - Heart Collar in Silver 
Pose: Image Essentials- Confidence 12

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