Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Wonderland Kitten

I love my dressing up box... When I was a kid I could spend hours and hours playing dress up, creating weird and wonderful characters for myself, which I guess never stopped once I had found SecondLife and created Rudh. Now days I love nothing more than to add to the dressing up box in my inventory... Weird and Wonderful, Super Cute and a lot of Dead or Macabre outfits fill that box, so that no matter what I want to be, I can be it!
One of my favourite new acquisitions for my SL dressing up box took my mind to a Wonderlandish place, though I'm not sure that is what the designer of it had in mind?! I just couldn't resist skipping around as a Rudhified version of Alice Liddell hehe...
It's all the fault of this awesome new outfit I picked up at The Crossroads from Dead Dollz. The Yuki outfits are so freaking cute, I knew I had to have one but the hardest thing when it came to this outfit was which colour should I buy. In the end it had to be the sky blue, purely because that's the colour I associate with Alice in Wonderland thanks to Disney LOL... I LOVE the super cute ruffley knickers!! ALSO the colour perfectly matched with my brand new boots from EMPIRE, which like the dress were another I HAVE TO HAVE item.
Now I know that Alice in Wonderland is following a white rabbit, but this is Rudhie in SLland and here she's the one that's dressed up and in this case going to a tea party - at the amazing Sweet Harmonic Wedding Location again - dressed with kitty ears and an adorable new little Choker Bell Collar - a cute little accessory that's available now at Manga Fair from PSYCHO.Byts.
A trip to a tea party is a really cool idea to kill time whilst you're stuck in a boring gray office, I just wish that I could really disappear into Wonderland for a little while!

What is she wearing;
Hair Accessory: LaGyo - Catty Headbend
Hair: Truth - Karlie in Variety
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2
Collar: {PSYCHO:Byts} - Choker Bell in Pastel (Available until August 21st at Manga Fair 2016)
Outfit: Dead Dollz - Yuki in Sky (Available until August 28th at The Crossroads)
Boots: #EMPIRE - Scilla
Pose: Image Essentials - Aloha 1 Mirror Pose (Available until August 10th at the Aloha Fair)

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