Sunday, August 28, 2016

Without Him Here!

Yesterday was EPIC... I turned 10 and entered the realm of the SecondLife Dinosaurs... 
Everything about yesterday was AWESOME though - aside from a drama hiccup that will remain forgotten because I cannot handle that kind of thought process right now - and I had the best present from my MC family... I'll tell you more about that in a minute, but there was one thing missing yesterday. One of the most important things that my 10 years in SL have brought me... HELLBONE!
HellBone is away on a road-trip with some of his RL Brothers and Sisters of the B.A.C.A, and he's left me at home in Holland. It was very strange not having him there with me whilst I celebrated such an important rezday, but we called and texted - and that is why this pose from Come Soon feels so perfect right now, he's away but I can still talk to him! The pose is a Come Soon called Broken - it was a release for the Manga Fair and I am hoping that it has been placed at the main store now that the event has closed. This pose as per usual with Come Soon poses includes a Full Scene, but I have to admit to you now that I did change up the furniture in the scene just a little bit! 
BUT on to the festivities... The MC hired an awesome tribute band we know, High Octane Tributes, to perform as Five Finger Death Punch - who aside from the Viking Cellists are my absolute favourites!
I stayed up far too late last night and as a result this morning I feel like I'm hungover LOL... Still I had and amazing time, and I am going to leave you now with a little FFDP!!! 
Thank you Gators and all my guests for an awesome Rezday, you started my 10th year with a BANG!

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Truth - Cerys in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Collar: Kibitz - Collar Collection Gacha Item in Elsa Collar 7
Dress: Elegance Boutique - Tunic & Harness  "Zara" in Black 
Boots: CandyDoll - Arabella Boots in Black 
Beard: Unorthodox - Prim Beard 
Necklace: TonkTastic - Dogtags 
Watch: ZED - MESH Leather Watch Bracelet  
Pants: Lapointe & Bastchilde - Swear Ranger Cargo Pants
Boots: Lapointe & Bastchilde - Swear Ranger Boots 
Pose & Backdrop: Come Soon - Broken 
Rudh Side
Chair: Consignment - Oversized Chair in Vintage 
Table: {anc} - MoonLightLounge in Wood Table 
Cat: JIAN - Curious Kitties in Betta Bowl RARE 
Hell Side
Screens: .random.Matter. - Nerd Haven in Tri Screen 
Shelves: .random.Matter. - Nerd Haven in Game Station Brown RARE 

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