Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Malediction of a Demonic Nun

It's been a month already, but today is the last day that the Gator MC Halloween Maze is open... I cannot quite believe that the maze has been there this long already, it's beyond belief... Feels like only yesterday the maze opened but closing day is finally here... 
On Sunday night we had a little closing party, it was open to the public but it seemed like only Gators were present hehe, not that we minded it was like having a private Rob Zombie Concert hehe... So once again I had the chance to dress up! I got dressed as something that might offend people, and I'm sorry if it does, but I was a dead demonic Nun! I blame the hair LOL... Some said it was scary seeing me as a nun, others said it was hot... I was just enjoying letting my inner Dead Girl out for Mr Zombie hehe... 
At a little graveyard in a place called Windswept, a figure sat on a gravestone whispering words of malediction - thanks to Le Poppycock - a figure that on closer inspection looked like a sister of faith, but when you looked even closer there was something more dark angel than light about her... 
The only sign of anything resembling a Nun being the way she styles her hair - this Asylum hair is a current group gift for Spellbound by the way - and the cross that she wears around her neck - an old by favourite from Maxi Gossamer - which actually seems to have been used to burn her skin at some point looking at the mark on her head?! She definitely does not look like a nun in her chosen style of dress... The smallest PVC dress she could find it seems adorns her curves, while her legs are clad in some sexy boots - r2 and BAX goodies if you must know - but damn this Living Dead Girl must have a penchant for being naughty... If this was all in aid of a visit from Mr Rob Zombie, he's one lucky rock star hehe... Though I don't think even he would have been expecting this... 
Someone call Security, there's a rogue Nun on stage!!!! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Spellbound - Asylum (Group Gift) 
Skin: Glam Affair - Sia Ghost in Polar 
Burn: Crushed Violets - Hell Mary 
Eye Make-Up: Corvus - Evil Eye Makeup 
Scar: antielle - The Alchemical Transformation
Scars: antielle - HSotD - MYSTERY Salt & Ice
Dress: r2 - Sakura in Black 
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Granada Filigree Cross Necklace in Gold 
Boots: BAX - Regency Boots in Black Leather 
Pose & Props: Le Poppycock - Malediction in Dark Angel RARE 

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