Monday, November 30, 2015

The Star Wars Saga of Father and Son

At least two of the people that I spend large amounts of my day with are super excited and at least one of those has a count down running... Not for Christmas, but for the release of the new Star Wars movie! Unfortunately it's my hubby and my SL son that are the excited ones, and they are worse than kids at Christmas, these two are like geek boys waiting for a visit from Vadar, and although it can be cute my eyes are getting a lot of rolling exercise LOL...
Our relationship with Athrun started because of Star Wars - so I guess I should thank it really - when he and Hell were making jokes about Hell being his version of Darth Vadar, and as with all of the kids that we've ever adopted, the joke came to mean more, I became a step mum and then just mum to him. He's learning a lot about fashion from his new mum, while his Dad... Well he talks to his dad about Star Wars!
So when the new round of The Instruments started, and it had a familiar theme, there was only one team I could call in to be my models...
This month's round of The Instruments is based on Star Wars, and for the fans there are a heap of awesome goodies to get your hands on. I was a bit daunted to see a set of poses from Come Soon land in my lap, but I shouldn't have worried... The only complaints I heard were "My own lightsaber is better Mum"... They were far too preoccupied telling me that they could pose in the swamp as it's like one of the planets apparently!
They are both wearing outfits, which I am reliably informed are the uniforms of the Sith and Jedi - Sith being HellBone with the Red Lightsaber and Jedi being Athrun with the Blue Lightsaber - from a store called DOUBTFUL MASTER on the Marketplace. The Lightsabers themselves come as props with the Come Soon pose, as do in fact the platform and the space ship.
Maybe I should let these two play for a while, will give me some quiet time... Sounds like a pretty good plan that actually!!! Don't tell Hell, but I'm so smart, I'm Batman!

What is she wearing;
HellBone Hair: Exile - Fallout
Athrun Hair: Mina Hair - Harry
Outfit: DOUBTFUL MASTER - Jedi rigged mesh
Pose: Come Soon - The Force (Available until December 6th at The Instruments)

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