Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Enchantment is the Second Star to the Right

One of my favourite memories from when I was little was the bedtime stories that I used to be told... Dad always made up stories for me and my sister about a little field mouse that took my sister and I on adventures, but Mum claimed that she had less imagination and so would always read to us from books. One of the first that I remember clearly was Peter Pan... 
Since then I've always loved tales of fairies and pirates and mermaids, as you may perhaps have figured out from reading my blog, but in a world of such chaos - at times - what is so wrong in that?!
The reason I'm running on a tangent about Peter Pan however, is because I've been more than a little excited about the recent opening of an Event in SL... Enchantment is back for another outing this month and this time it is based on the J.M. Barrie classic...  
The shopping event always pulls me in, but this time I was super excited... I bought a lot and was so excited that I have in fact been dressed like a pirate for the past few days - but I will show you that later hehe... For now though I want to share the picture I made in which my creativity seemed to run away with me lol... 
The A.D.D.Andel Wall Décor inspired this picture... I LOVED the simple décor and already have it on the wall of my bedroom. It comes with or without the quotation in both yellow and white. I knew I wanted to blog it, but how... I've never been very good at blogging furniture! Then a thought hit me... Find items that represent Neverland, and keep myself out of the shot... So that's what I did! I threw out a few more sparkles - [ keke ] glitter floor - to bring the stars to life and then set to work... 
Everyone needed to be represented! The Indians are there - the arrow and feather represents them - the Mermaids and the Lost Boys too - if you look at the mermaid dolly and the slingshot - but other characters items may need a little more discussion hehe... 
Starting with the fairies... I did a naughty thing! I unlinked this fairy dust jar from a décor item that comes with the MishMish Lil Fairies - sorry MishMish designer bunny please don't tell me off - but it was just too perfect, as fairy dust is more than a little important in the Peter Pan story. To go with the dust I also decided to include one of the amazing Tink Booties from Purple Moon that you can get at Enchantment... I HAD to have a pair of these, they are just gorgeous and a must have for anyone who ever dresses in a Fae style! 
Then the Children - Wendy, Michael and John. I chose to share Wendy through he kiss to Peter, the thimble she gave him, and I cheated with Michael and John LOL... Michael, the youngest, has a teddy bear... Here his teddy bear - thanks to Boogers - is dressed to represent Hook, the pirate captain! Yet I also wanted to share the ship that helped to bring the children home, and thus the Sari-Sari Paper Mache Ships were perfect for the job. 
Lastly though, and this is NOT an Enchantment item but just seemed like the perfect thing to represent one of the characters of Neverland, I added a slipper from Lost Junction to represent the Crocodile! These slippers are freaking adorable, and though the Croco pair were my favourite - possibly because I am so closely linked to alligators - they are all very cute, and all available at the Wayward Market until December 10th. 
SO check out both the Wayward Market, and Enchantment - you have until December 5th to do so - and while you're there don't forget to pick up the hud to do the hunt!! I did it yesterday, it's pretty easy, the clues are provided and now I get to be like a kid at Christmas and open my goodies hehe... YAY!!!! 

What is on show;
Stars & Quote: A.D.D.Andel! - Second Star To The Right in Yellow/Quote (Available until December 5th at Enchantment
Sparkles: [ keke ] - Glitter Floor 
Arrow: FLECHA - Sculpted Arrow 
Feather: Soy. - Turkey Feather (Part of the Essentials of Witchcraft Set) 
Mermaid: MishMish - Mermaid in Violet 
Ship: Sari-Sari - Paper Mache in Hook Ship (Available until December 5th at Enchantment
Bear: <:*BoOgErS*:> - James Beartholomew Hook 
Crocodile: [Lost Junction] - Comfy Slipper in Croco (Available until December 10th at Wayward Market
Fairy Dust: MishMish - Lil Fairy Deco 
Heel: Purple Moon - Tink Bootie in Croco Green Leaf Style (Available until December 5th at Enchantment
Slingshot: FLECHA - Sculpted Slingshot
Thimble: 3DreamWorld Studios - Golden Thimble 

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