Thursday, November 12, 2015

Making Cakes with Candy Leftovers

Something a little out of the ordinary from me to follow up a post about being trouble LOL... This is trouble but of a different kind I suppose... In RL if I walked past a kitchen that smelt like fresh baked cakes I know I would instantly gain 5lbs in weight - and that is without even seeing a cake - hence TROUBLE! 
This post also gave me a little trouble in set-up as I have never been very good at sharing furniture in photography... Oh well, here goes nothing I suppose!
I decided to make a little cake, to use up some of the chocolate candy that I had... We had no Trick-or-Treaters this year, and so to stop myself stuffing candy bars into my mouth at an unusually fast rate I decided to make them into a cake!! Least stuffing that into my mouth could be a little more ladylike?!
I don't have a kitchen in SL... I know some people like to go for realism when putting their home together, but I cannot stand having anything that makes me think of household chores LOL - there are way too many of those in RL as it is LOL - so I rigged up a cooking area with this awesome table from HIDEKI, it's a desk but meh it did the job, and then even put a shelf up to hold on to a few things. Being totally honest, the shelf was an item that I was sent to blog from Lost Junction, and when I received it I was a bit dazed and confused as to what was I going to do with it, hence making cakes hehe... 
The shelf is not the only Lost Junction item though, if you see the black bowls and the crazy collection of spoons that look like they come straight from Nightmare Before Christmas, then you should know that these are part of the Witchin' Kitchen from Lost Junction too... 
The rest of the décor that I chose to make the table look pretty is stuff that has been released from various Gacha events, but that I have picked up later on - and at bargain basement prices sometimes - from the Yardsales... I LOVE yardsales, I am pretty much addicted!! Everything is listed in the list below so check out things if you want them there, just make sure those cheeky lil Hammies keep their hands off my epic cake while you do please!!! 

What is on show;
Table: HIDEKI - Desk 
Shelf: [Lost Junction] - Wilbur's Shelf in Full (Available until November 30th at We <3 RP
Coffee Machine: dust bunny - Coffee Machine 
Toaster: dust bunny - Toaster 
Cake: Olive - Roz's Choco-Cherry OMGFROSTING Cake 
Yellow Bowl: Apple Fall - Mixing Bowl Set 
Spoons & Black Bowls: [Lost Junction] - Witchin' Kitchen Gacha Items 
Scales: trés blah - Kitchen Basics in Scale Cream 
Flour: Apple Fall - Bags of Flour 
Candy: 22769 - [bauwerk] Elven Chocolate Bars 
Hamsters: MishMish - Hammies Gacha Items 

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