Friday, November 27, 2015

No Beauty Treatments Are Needed, A Lobotomy Would Suffice

Sometimes the mind is a scary place to be, mine has always been one that has a lot of self-doubt and sensitivity... I pick up on people's emotions and reciprocate them, I worry and then worry some more about things that aren't even there and my mind makes up things that aren't even true, so when reality hits me with something big it tends to pour over me like a waterfall... 
So much is happening - or not happening - that last night I snapped... I cried myself to sleep... As a result I found myself feeling empty - almost dead inside - and I wonder is it time for me to make some changes?! I won't go into details, at least not yet, but if the photos I'm coming out with over the next few days seem to fit the Halloween season more than the festive one we are heading for please forgive me! 
I will say that when I am in this frame of mind, I seem to be able to create photos that I love... This is one of them! Normally I over think photos and worry that they aren't good enough, this time my mind is distracted and you can see that I just did what felt natural! I am glad that it worked... 
Rudh was having a little bit of a nip'n'tuck, making some of those changes - there are a few in SL at the moment but not so many as in RL luckily! - but something went wrong and she ended up needing a Lobotomy rather than her simple beauty procedures!
Laid out on a [ContraptioN] table, perhaps she should have known that a procedure like this wouldn't need an embalmer present, yet it appears she was in the right place. The hard table covered with a blanket, the tools of the trade laid on her stomach and the light of the large body freezer casting an eerie glow over her pale skin. The only signs of her procedure - apart from her state of course - are the felt tip markings drawn to show what needed fixing... The doctors of the antielle Beauty Clinic having prepared her for a Suction! 
Minor changes will occur in my SL in the next few days, but it's the RL things that will be more drastic... Still if you are willing to come along with me then hold onto your hats, it's going to be a bumpy ride! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Focus in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Sia Ghost in Polar 
Forehead Wound: REPULSE - Lobotomy Stitches Face Tattoo 
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Zombie Eyes 
Mouth Wound & Stitches: Ama. - Deadly Silence 
Tattoo: antielle - Beauty Clinic in Suction Rare 
Pose: Image Essentials - Birds Eye 1 i
Bed: [ContraptioN] - Decor Embalming Stretcher 
Tools: [ContraptioN] - Decor Embalmer's Tools 

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