Thursday, November 26, 2015

Pandora Painted Me!

You might have heard me say this before but one of my morning rituals is to sit and look through everyone's lovely pictures on Flickr, leaving comments and liking things here and there as I go - some people have a Facebook obsession, but for me the morning cannot start without coffee and Flickr!
Recently I was looking at the pretty pictures when I noticed an amazing offer by one of my favourite artists - Pandora Box - who was offering that if you sent a simple picture, meeting the standards that she used, she may create something gorgeous... Don't believe me, check her ad here!
Anyway I jumped at the chance and took my simple picture... 
Nothing too special... We weren't supposed to have hair, tattoos, or anything like that, and we had to be a high resolution shot on a black background... I will admit to you though that I used a pose from Signature Pose called Brucy! Gotta love Bruce Forsyth!
I emailed her the photo, not expecting to see anything back, but I was to be surprised... Scanning through Flickr a few days later I found this... 
Thank you Pandora, it's totally gorgeous!! I LOVE it, who knew I could be that feminine hehe... 
Check out her work on her Flickr Page, and maybe if you feel you can send her an email yourself!!! 

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