Saturday, November 7, 2015

New Chairs from NEWCHURCH

Recently one of my sisters in the MC, lil Fyre, was talking to me about a store she'd started working for... A fairly new on the SL scene furniture store called NEWCHURCH. It was a store I'd never heard of, but she said she'd been given the task of promoting the store... 
Thank you to Victor - NEWCHURCH's owner - for allowing me the honour of being able to blog one of his creations. I have to admit that the furniture style is not really to my taste - it's all fairly realistic looking and I am a freak for the whimsical - BUT it is very well made, the textures are brilliant and I think that NEWCHURCH could be a rising star in the furniture world of SL... 
The store isn't huge but all of the pieces are fairly cute, and I can imagine that they would work well in any "realistic" style home... When I checked out the store, I chose a piece that I loved both for the texture and the shape, although it might have been more suited to a tropical beach that my weed filled smoky room! It's like a polar opposite of my look and accessories today, and I love that I can be so bi-polar in one photo hehe... 
I accessorised the shot with some of my Monies Smuggling Bears from Bokeh and a few joints from BUENO... Don't touch my joints, I've got a gun and I'm not afraid to use it! The gun comes with my new wig from [taketomi]... 
So lesson of the day, check out NEWCHURCH and keep your hands off my weed LOL... 

What is she wearing;
Hair & Gun: [taketomi] - Delia in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 
Cigarette: [NikotiN] - Classic Cigarette 
Necklace: random.Matter - Banshee Choker in Silver 
Tattoo: Identity - Inner Goddess 
Top: SAKIDE - Warm Colours Sweater (Part of an Outfit) (Available until November 21st at Sad November)
Jeans: SPIRIT - Emma High Jeans in Medium Blue 
Chair: NEWCHURCH - Mission Prarie Chair in Bekasi 
Smokes: BUENO - Joint Box 
Bears: Bokeh - Monies Smuggling Bear 

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