Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Rise of the Zombie Koala!

Goodbye to a friend will not always mean goodbye forever... Today the poor little Coconut Koala was out walking in the dusky light around her home when suddenly the earth opened up and an old friend popped out to say "Hello"... 
The poor little Hula Kola had a bit of a shock, not that you can see it clearly as well, do Koalas have facial expressions? 
I LOVE these little Koalas... You can win them in various colours from lassitude & ennui at the latest round of The Gacha Garden. Both the Coconut Koala and the Zombie Koala are two of the rare examples, but there are so many different ones AND The Seed of Inspiration version is a plushie!! LOVE THAT ONE!! 
Thank you to HellBone though, he had to be the Zombie Koala and to Jackal Ennui for allowing Hell to be a part of my photo today! 
Check out the Koalas on the Gacha Item list here, and head to The Gacha Garden... They are too cute to miss! 

What are they wearing;
lassitude & ennui - Koala Avatars (Available until November 30th at The Gacha Garden

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