Saturday, August 31, 2013

SL DisneyBound - Week 25

So the penultimate week for SL DisneyBounding and we head into Princess territory. I really cannot believe that next week will be the last official week of Disney... Someone has to take it over and carry on, they just have to, or maybe I will just carry on alone, what do you think? 
Anyway, I will also admit that I have kinda cheated this week... Natalee chose her favourite Disney Princess for us, and she chose to portray her as her quiet, gentle, before she becomes a princess self... I wanted to do that, I searched a lot and couldn't find anything that made me feel happy, so I turned to her as a princess and went for something fitting closer to her well known ball room scene outfit lol... 
Week 25 - BELLE (Beauty and the Beast)! 
Belle is someone who, as with Natalee, I felt inspired by when I was little. She was independent, loved curling up with a good book, was a bit of an outsider amongst people and yet still she triumphed over her own fears to fall in love with someone a little different. She has that grace that any Disney Princess is known for while at the same time, she is a little feistier than some of the original old-school princesses and that wins her a thumbs up from me, PLUS she talks to random household objects LOL... Normal people would be seen as weird for doing that, but because she's a princess she gets away with it LOL... 
So my look for Belle was based on the gold dress in the ballroom scene. Had to have something gold, because we are so close to the finish line it needed to be something with a wow factor. Unfortunately I wasn't able to dig through Fledge's wardrobe to find the ultimate Gold Dress, so I had to make do with my own... The gold dresses that I have seem few and far between and as I tried them all on, nothing caught my attention, until I found this one, a tinsel dress in my Christmas outfits folder believe it or not LOL... I completed my look with one of the many hairs I grabbed at the recent 24-hour Ploom sale and these gorgeous N-core shoes which were a rezday present from my very own Fairy BobMother. 
Finally to complete the Belle look I needed a rose, now I have a fair few in my hoard but my favourite roses have always been these crying roses from KOSH. They are available in numerous shades and although they are not mesh, they look as good if not better! 
Now all I needed was a ballroom, there are SO MANY in SL that it was hard to choose, but I eventually found one with a perfect staircase... Que Bella Ballroom has a staircase like something straight out of the movie... It was perfect! 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Ploom - Jacquie 
Skin: Sugar - Emily in DB and Clear 
Face Wounds: (Forehead) Corvus - Bullet hole, (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars 
Piercings: (Forhead) Cute Poison - Stellar Piercing (Past SL Fashion Week Item), AND, (Lip) Cute Poison - Disarray Piercing (August Group Gift)
Mouthie: KOSH - Crying Rose in Red 

Top: BOOM - Midas Touch Swimsuit in Gold
Dress: Lemon Tea - Tinsel Tree Top in Gold 
Bracelets: (Upper) Cute Poison - Dee in Gold, AND, (Lower) Cute Poison - Lucky Star Bracelet in Gold 
Shoes: N-core - OMEGA in Black 
Pose: synt - Little Silver Glint (No Longer Available!)

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